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    Mommy Solution #5- Little Owl Crunchy Momma shared her mommy solution to using shampoo without chemicals.  You must read her post: Haven’t Washed my Hair in Three years.

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Obsessed with these family photos @Erin May Shedarowich >><< #adorable

Woodstock. That girl had awesome parents. I know this was me in my other life!!! Blonde haired bared footed hippy kid!!!!

Totally wasn't paying attention to the hair. Look at the expression on her's pure LOVE. She loves that baby sooo much! (I completely understand) This is beautiful.

Dreads on little children... I literally would run from my mom when she tried to comb the knots out of my hair... I just found the solution if I ever have a mini-me :)

LOVED! Seriously, this girl is amazing. Stumbling upon her blog changed a big part of my life. If you told me when I was 16 that I would eventually throw out all my hair products and that my straightener would start collecting dust, I would have fainted. Now I'm obsessed with trying new organic things, making my own products and I eventually plan living a 100% "crunchy" lifestyle. Check out her blog!! Seriously!!

these are perfect for summer and would go with anything and everything. love them!

i really wish i could find the source for this illustrated guide to no-poo

These homemade healthy breath mints are amazing and not full of toxic crap. Sounds good to me.

you might have crunchy kids if... #crunchykids #crunchymomma

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