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  • Alice Julianne Eleanor Jones

    #CasparDavidFriedrich | The Sea of Ice, 1824. #romanticism #painting #landscape #nature

  • Think Orange

    Caspar David Friedrich, Das Eismeer (The Sea of Ice) 1823–1824, Oil on canvas 96.7 cm × 126.9 cm, Kunsthalle Hamburg

  • Kim Ebensgaard

    Arctic landscape by Caspar David Friedrich. This one was also used as cover art for an edition of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".

  • Teri Proude

    Das Eismeer (The Sea of Ice), 1823–1824, a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, inspired by William Edward Parry's account from the 1819–1820 expedition attempting to conquer the Northwest Passage.

  • Maria Martins

    Caspar David Friedrich (19th century)

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