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  • Yvonne Stahr

    Roseanne. aging, aging gracefully, positive aging, grey, gray, silver, 50+, baby boomers, baby boomer, generation, senior, seniors, retirement, KAA-Boomer, KAA-Boomers, KAA-Boom, inspiration, lifestyle, motivation, health, beauty, fashion workplaceinstitut...

  • Ericka Kelley

    Roseanne Barr. I absolutely love everything about this photo. The gray hair, the makeup, the great FACE, and the amazing safety pin necklace which I really want to make now.

  • Rebekah Bristow

    Roseanne Barr with feather extensions

  • Laura Adams

    Roseanne Barr - Bitchy, or a teller of truths without diplomacy? Either way she is a strong woman who has been through sh*t in life and comes back swinging. That's what makes her beautiful and you gotta respect it!

  • Nobody

    I think Roseanne is looking better than ever, I love her grey hair and wrinkles.......“I am old now: gray, wrinkled, tired, and bloated, and my joints ache, too. But I am ready to come into my full destiny—as my childhood dreams predicted—as a Neo-Amazonian Pirate Queen of my own vessel: firing cannonballs at the worldwide culture of patriarchy in the name of all that does not suck” Roseanne Barr

Gray Hair, Grey Hair, Queen, Roseanne Barre, Strong Women, Safety Pin, Feathers Extensions, A Strong Woman, Age Grace

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Roseanne, pretty natural, very nice. Don't see this often with a celebrity, BRAVO Roseanne

Roseanne Barr gray hair, she looks the best she ever been!This Lady puts it on the line, then boots it for a 2 point goal.

Roseanne Barr...She needs to lighten up on the blue, unless she wants it that way, which is cool.

Roseanne Barr.. She made my childhood bearable

Bouffant w/gray grey streaks hair. If I'm graying already I outta do it with panache!

“…. So blessed to live another day … still got my hair, but some are gray…” ~ MMM, MMM Baby ~ E. Walter Smith MusicByEWalterSmi... Grey hair | Liked by - www.chinasalessit... – Wholesale Women's Clothes,Online Catalog,Ladies Clothing,Wholesale Women's Wear & Accessories. LOWEST PRICES ONLINE @

i've decided i'm going to aim for grey hair and a rockin' body as opposed to colored hair and lazy ways. that seems doable to me. i don't want to have colored hair be the only way i feel good about myself.

I like this makeup and hair for older women... Wonder if Pinterest will be around for when I need to reference it..?

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