Compact living room

A wood cabin loft

The cabin has that light airy look and feel of a well-designed space. The natural light and interior height trick one into believing the C3 is a far more spacious structure.

::Surroundings::: Tiny Houses mean creative living. Would make an awesome guest house or rental!!

Tree staircase


Like living in a treehouse!

These floating stone slabs carry you above a water feature inside the home which flows down had picked rock from the home site and into a pebble river bed. Although the materials used for the staircase are all very heavy in weight and cold in character, the structure still has a light floating feel. Interior Design by Design Associates

I'd Love to wake up to this every morning!

Ikea catalogue 2014, small house

Lodge - cozy

lofts and lofts

outdoor living room


Image Via: Ninbra

The Adirondacks country house's main staircase railing is crafted from tree branches and logs. Notice the use of a variety of natural woods in the unfinished wood walls and the rough hewn wood block stairs.

Cabin!!! <3

Love this rustic, cabin living room.

Love this.

The boys room

Carol Hicks Bolton's barn .... Texas...that is some kitschy, not typical, furniture for a barn house. love it! Looks yummy and a spot you could curl up with a book (or glass of wine)