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  • Tabby Hylton

    Great tips for saving money on grocery bills, also overall budgeting tips.

  • Melanie Peterson

    Oh yes ladies and gents you did not read wrong. I am 100% serious. My family of 4 lives on about $14,000 a year. We are not in debt, and own our home and both our cars. Want to know how we do this all and still save money? Well I am going to share some tips that have helped us along the way. I promise that if you just try some of these tips and tricks I will share today, you will notice a HUGE, GIGANTIC, TREMENDOUS difference in your spending habits and the balance in your checking account.

  • Emily Lupoli

    Money saving tips and tricks. I don't believe this. A MUST read!

  • April Reese Sorola

    Great Tips for setting a budget and following it! Esp if you make way more than 14000 a year its a great way to really show how to save money. Pretty cool.

  • Kelsey Crum

    Great Tips for saving money in many different ways. This lady has tons of helpful tips to help you save money.

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To curb impulse buys, create a 30-day list. When you want to buy something, other than a true necessity (medicine or food, for example), put it on this list, with the date you added it to the list. And make it a rule that you can’t buy anything for at least 30 days after you put it on the list. And stick to it. You’ll find that you buy a lot less with this system.

Personalized budget printables..I would just make my own with a similar theme instead of paying to just print this out.

Personal budgeting is important because it helps you organize what to spend your money on and the amount you can buy, so you're financially stable.