No limits

It's time for women to stop being politely angry

when we are so consumed with competing with other women, our energy cannot be used for making the world a better place. tell me the media isn't being used to control us. (ooo, now i sound like a conspiracy nut. oh, well)

Vote for Women!!!


This is a typical abuser tactic and does not only apply to narcissists. Narcissists Push You To The Limit, So That When You Finally Explode And Fight Back They Can Claim You Are The Crazy One! So true -

We women can only do our best...we will be labeled anyway.

"Equality hurts no one." | And some groups of people shouldn't have to fight so hard to get this point across, either!


don't ever


Makes you think.

Why we need feminism: 3) Because women are constantly sexualized and objectified, while men get credit for their skills and professions.

(Feminism) Rape & women hating jokes

Silly Michigan

The Purity Myth showed how important virginity is seen in the Christian religion. However, this post rejects that symbolism, seeing virginity are a more profane action or title. This displays the Durkheim's theory of the sacred and profane, stating that people establish meaning to symbols in order for them to be sacred.

STRONG WOMEN ONLY INTIMIDATE WEAK MEN. ONLY STRONG MEN APPLY. #CHALLENGEYOURSELF I can be a strong woman, along side you as a strong man, together we can be a POWER COUPLE!

I really need to set a limit!!

Must we tolerate ignorance, arrogance, intolerance and hate whenever it is sacred? > > > Click image!