Heather had one of these when she was younger. It was the coolest one I'd ever seen. I believe she got it on our trip to New York City. I would tag her, but I don't think she's on here yet.

Retro VINTAGE 1980's Plastic Toy Bell Necklace CHARMS HUGE LOT! | eBay

How many of you had one of these back in the 80s...Charm Necklace!!!

Trapper Keeper- I LOVED this!

1980s Plastic Charm Bracelets Necklaces. I LOVED THEM...had a ton. Anyone else remember these lil beauties?!

Loved reading her books!

I remember all of these little guys! #memories #80s

OMG! I loved these! - Vintage Scratch and Sniff Stickers

loved this!!!!!

Loved these guys

i LOVED this thing!!!!

Silly Putty. This stuff was great!

Plastic Kool-Aid cups

I loved this!

The Littles (80's Cartoon)

YUM~Fun Dip!

Had one loved it

banana clip- loved these!

I loved this book....his poetry was honest in a sick, but honest way!

Stationery was cool, but stationery with Poochie was clearly the coolest. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand