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dogs about to sneeze.. This made me laugh harder than it should have... more funny pics on facebook:

. here to find out more

Love my weenie dog :-) Love this photographer, she is amazing. I wish I lived in Australia.

Awe he played dead with the bug

Miles would stab me in the eye with his nylabone if I dressed him as Katy Perry for Halloween. There's no way of convincing him this look is so hot, it'll melt your popsicle.

If you own a dog, then you can identify with these…

The face of revenge which comes in many forms - 'lways in the dead of sleep :)

Have you ever been so sad... ---- I laughed so hard I almost spit Hawaiian Punch all over my laptop.

That's like my dog, but my dog would just eat the whole thing in a second including the candle

It Was At This Moment That Bob Knew

Lol almost! My last kitty was a Manx. Most of others DSH, or DLH. I'd like maine coon or something big as my dog lol