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Print this on card stock and let your child color it or paint it or decorate it in any other way. Make sure you take pictures!

This is a creative writing activity that students will enjoy on the 100th Day of School. On each page students will have to complete each sentence...

Where will 100 steps out of the classroom take you? Students will make their predictions and then report on where they actually ended up!

Here is an example of a student's 100th day of school necklace. It is made out of fruit loops. Students were encouraged to make patterns with the colors, as well as, make sections of 10 by using the dividers to separate the groups.

100 Ways to Make 100 from Surfin' Through Second: 100 Days of School

100th day math - I see this as a graphing activity using stem and leaf plots and range,median,mode...

Must do this next year! 100th day gum ball machines This activity would go great with the writing prompt of "How to blow a bubble."

100 Poem (Fill in the blanks). Great for 100th Day of School or Teaching the number 100!

Doing this craft with my Kinder teacher friend! Too bad there's no instructions!