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The Minotaur*Minos double-crossed Poseidon. He was to kill a snow white bull to show honor to Poseidon but decided to keep it instead because of its beauty.  To punish Minos, Aphrodite made Minos' wife, fall deeply in love with the bull.She made a hollow wooden cow in order to mate with the  bull. The offspring was the Minotaur. She nursed him, but he became ferocious; being the unnatural offspring of man and beast, he had no natural source of nourishment and thus devoured man for…

Minotaur the half man half bull creature, was the guardian of the labyrinth and lived there. big and powerful was defeated by Theseus founder-king of Athens

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Do NOT get in this Minotaur's way!

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The Minotaur. Greek mythology is trippy.

Minotaur - Greek Mythology - for a rather hipster backbeat story line: http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/minotaur-greek-mythology.html

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El Minotauro medita sobre la espiral dorada

El Minotauro medita sobre la espiral dorada

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Chimera Physiology

In Greek mythology, the Chimera (Greek Χίμαιρα (Chímaira); Latin Chimaera) was a monstrous creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of multiple animals. The Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and a sibling of such monster

The Lonely Minotaur

Algunos minotauros viven en laberintos subterraneos.

Minotaur - A very large and masculine half-human half-cow. A good and fearsome warrior

Psoglav by Riixon. Psoglav (Serbian: Псоглави, literally doghead) is a demonic mythical creature in Serbian mythology.

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Cerberus Guardian of Underworld

Cerberus (Guardian of Underworld) - Art Picture by vyrilien

Angel and the Lion

Beth Carter - Angel and the Lion

Hi I'm eagle spirt, male, no mate or foals, i love impressing the mares by doing tricks while flying and sharpening my hooves, I can speak eagle too.

Rocky is a energetic horse who is a beater


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