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    Giant Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

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      In Costa Rica, there is a mystery on the purpose of giant sphere rocks that might have been left by Indigenous groups.

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      giant stone balls discovered in Costa Rica. Costa Rica and a few surrounding areas are These stone balls are quite smooth and entirely spherical. These balls also vary in sizes from a few inch to 8 ft in diameter having tons of weight.

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      Costa Rica Stone Spheres - According to laser measurements by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the spheres were 96% perfect.

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      Known as the stone spheres of Costa Rica, scientists believe these nearly perfect spheres were carved around the turn of the millennium. Although there is much speculation as to what they may have been used for, no one is completely sure.

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      The Amazing Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

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      costa rica stone balls - Google Search

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      10 Most Enigmatic Places on Earth

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    The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

    costa rica stone balls - Google Search

    costa rica stone balls - Google Search

    The mysterious stone balls of Costa Rica

    The-Stone-Spheres-Of-Costa-Rica: The Costa Rican stone balls are as mysterious as the Stonehenge itself. These balls are perfectly shaped and range from small spheres up to 8 feet in size. These balls are smooth and seem to be unmatched to the crude tools of the ancient inhabitants of Costa Rica.

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    Huge stone megalithic balls were discovered in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica. Since the 1930's, hundreds of these stone balls have been documented, ranging in size from a few centimeters to over two meters in diameter and some weigh as much as 16 tons. Almost all of them are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone. It is unknown who or even how these stone balls were created.

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    The Moeraki Boulders are a big attraction, found on Koekohe Beach near Moeraki on New Zealand’s coast. The huge, gray, spherical stones formed in sediment on the sea floor 60 million years ago and were revealed by shoreline erosion. The boulders, some of which stand alone and some in clusters, can weigh several tons and measure 10 feet across.

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