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50 days to go...

President Obama

President Obama

Mr. President Obama

Crunchy Farm Baby: Why My *Crunchy* Family Supports President Obama

Mitt Romney official page

Danville to Wytheville: The Vice President in Virginia

President Obama in Virginia Beach

President Obama in Leesburg, VA

Happy Birthday Mr. President

From another pinner: Obama's All-Of-The-Above Energy Strategy. Yes, he is imperfect but Obama will work a lot harder than Mitt to transition USA to renewable energy and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. He has made protecting the environment a priority. He enacted the largest expansion of land and water conservation and protection of wilderness in a generation.

"We won Virginia by 235,000 votes [in 2008]. Now, that’s wonderful. And while that might sound like a lot, think about this: When you break that number down, that’s just 100 votes per precinct. Now think about that—100 votes." - Michelle Obama in Fredericksburg

Michelle being, you know, fabulous at the Democratic National Convention.

Visit to a Tampa firehouse: And he even brought doughnuts.

It’ll take more than (a lot of) rain to slow POTUS down.