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Ah! There's a place in my heart for black cats. to say nothing of vampire bat-cat kittens!


Kitten or kiwi? Hey I am not a Kiwi! Who put that sticker on me!

Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing... I think this cat has things confused just a bit...

Goat cat or cat goat.

Those eyes pretty

Fluffy black kitten with blue eyes> So Cute

Kiwi cat.

Bruh I honestly thought that was a potato for second

Oh my! Wood ducks!! Leaving the nest... Photo credit: Karin Thorell

Wood ducks leaving the nest! Wood ducks roost/nest in trees up to 30 ft. off the ground, and the babies have to make that great leap to the ground on their day of life. And most of the time, its over dry ground.

ハートマークを持つネコ  かわいいですね。ハートマークを持つ猫。 きゅんきゅんしちゃうわ〜  (via I Have A Big Heat | Cutest Paw)...

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Peek a boo kitty

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Another day, another adorable animal to gush over. This time it's Gimo the big-eyed fluff ball. We can't get enough of Gimo, to be honest. From his huge eyes


Cat’s 10 Commandments - True sweet puppy ? SO true.