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from NASA

Hubble Takes Flight with the Toucan and the Cluster

NGC 299, an open star cluster located within the Small Magellanic Cloud just under 200,000 light-years away

Latest Chinese News Lesson: NiNi in Hollywood movie. Ni Ni yòu yǎn Hollywood diànyǐng. Ni Ni 又 演 Hollywood 电影。

from DaWanda

School smock

Smock for school, not buttoned, pure cotton, no Hello Kitty, no Ben 10!

from AFKInsider

10 Tribal Hairstyles We Wish We Could Pull Off

Frontal headbands In the Afar tribe of the East African countries of Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, women wear elaborate woven headbands that usually drape down the center of their faces. This gives them such a regal, mysterious look.