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This is what it's like for me most days. I do NOT like exercise but it's a must in my life to feel healthy and be healthy. Did you know there's an actual medical term for people who don't like to exercise? It's called "Exercise Resistance" and yeah, I have it big time! :D Before I exercise, I try to think about what I feel like when I finish up - like a rockstar! ...That gives me enough motivation to do it. What are some of the ways you motivate yourself to exercise?

I workout for ME! & you should too :)

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Slow progress is better than no progress


Healthy motivation :) No better time to start living healthy.


Love this!

The quote of my life!!.



#Weightloss will never be an overnight process, so we've got to keep our heads up, and keep striving on : ) #natural weight loss #inspiration #motivation

True for anything worth having.

so true.


Motivational Fitness Quotes

True story.

Motivational Fitness Quotes

so true

You're only one workout away from a good mood - fitness motivation, fitness quotes, fitness inspiration, motivation, motivational quotes