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Why buy local?

local food

local food

I Like Local Food

Buy local. Buy organic.

Keep Local Farms

Shop Local. Eat Local. #food #local

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REAL food, local.

Support local farmers and shop seasonally.

Find local farms and farmers markets at eatlocalgrown.com

100 days of no processed food recipes… I would cut out ALL dairy, seafood, locally raised meats, milk, coffee, CAFFEINATED teas, wine and beer too… But I would definitely try this…

#RealFood #noGMO #Local #Organic #Fresh

Some quick tips on starting or supporting the local food movement where you live!..... For the healthiest food, BUY LOCAL.

Farm House Bread Recipe - This is the BEST homemade bread! Your family will LOVE it especially toasted!

GMO vs Organic: What should we be labeling here...? Find #local #sustainable #food @ http://eatlocalgrown.com/

Do you enjoy locally grown food? Find a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program in your area.

USDA resources for local food hubs

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