Art Supplies Tattoo Set

Art Supplies Tattoo Set

Forget scratch 'n' sniff. Just add water to these gorgeous temporary tattoos for a fresh floral fragrance. Featuring sumptuous flowers by watercolorist Vincent Jeannerot, the Perennial Set is Brooklyn

We are the broken butterflies.

Watercoloured another ‘Soft Anatomy’ Print! This is the original x large print, only 1 available! There are also 3 non-coloured ones left!

Awwooo by Lucky978

Companion piece: I think I have officially run out of names for these colorful drawings XD Anyway, I went back to my roots with this one. It is watercolor markers and colored pencil.

"캐롤린 모래시계"  도안✍ Sandglass design  #illust #tattoo #sandglass #wonseok #캐롤린…

"캐롤린 모래시계" 도안✍ Sandglass design #illust #tattoo #sandglass #wonseok #캐롤린…

like the fine lines, ceesent moon. like the moth would need to be a red admiral, maybe with pops of colour

I really like this Geometric Dot art design. The wings have a beautiful intricate design.

Cute little fox temporary tattoo

Cute little fox temporary tattoo