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I think after over a week of playing with glow products, methods, & ideas I have found the ultimate! It lasts longer than any other, has 2 or more separate colors, is the brightest & so stink'in cool. For what you see I took a mason jar, 2 different colored standard glow sticks, & 2 paper towels. Crack & shake the glow sticks. Place 1 paper towel in the jar & after slicing the glow stick top pour it over the paper towel. Place the 2nd paper towel in and repeat with the 2nd color. Secure the…

DIY tinted mason jars with Modge Podge and food coloring. ( mix Modge Podge and coloring in a bowl then coat the inside of the jar. Make sure color is dark enough for bright color. Place upside down on wax paper 30 min. Then put in oven 170 for 10min upside on wax paper. Then turn right side up for 30 min. Perfection)

Exploding paint bags that glow in the dark- Science and art meet in this AMAZING activity for kids (A bit of Science, a bit of art, and a ton of FUN! )

from Milk & Cuddles

Fairy Jar

*MADE* Make a Fairy Jar- Made one with 2 thick pink & purple glow sticks and about 1 Tbs extra fine white glitter. Making it was the most fun part & painting the door with the leakage. Glows bright in the dark but only sparkles when hit with light

from Curbly

How to: Make Glowing Firefly Jars

"Flick glow-in-the-dark paint onto the inside of a mason jar. Allow to dry." LOVE IT!

Glow in the dark volleyball! cut glow sticks and use a seringe to put in the ball also works with glow paint to !!