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Bookshelf stairs -- I like these a lot better than other versions, because there are no books on the stairs themselves, which looks cluttered. I feel like even with my limited carpentry skills, I could build these.

how to display bookshelves 1. put smaller books up top and bigger books at the bottom and keep similar sized books together 2. try to cull all ragged books (especially paperbacks), or "hide" them in attractive baskets 3. leave a little bit of "breathing room" on each shelf 4. put your most attractive books at eye level 5. keep your books straight up and down or horizontal 6. never stack anything on top of book rows

Beautiful blue piece and love the mirror. via Classic.Casual.Home

now i could live with my living room fixed like this!!! it's neutral on the walls but how they set it together, with the colors that pop from the lamp and pillows is just amazing how it brings life to it, would love to have this set up

Created by architect Ben Milbourne, designer Leyla Acaroglu and furniture designer David Waterworth, the UnWaste was designed as a storage solution and room divider for a warehouse conversion in Melbourne. The shelf rotates between the living area and bedroom, allowing for full access from both sides. It can also remain partially open to extend light and airflow through the space.

Para guardar os livros com estilo, que tal uma estante de madeira? Simples e funcional, o artigo ajuda na hora de organizar a sala.

Desire to appear younger? Click the link Today: ..Hidden staircase...TOO COOL!!!

Sewing Barefoot: "hidden storage" books

With limited space and minimal storage, this would be a great option for the closet door.