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  • Kate Wilson

    I laugh but this is real...

  • ✧☼☪ αѕнℓєy мαяιє ☪☼✧

    #tallgirlproblems Or cooking...or doing anything standing up at a normal sized counter. I should really invest in some "tall" counters!

  • Marissa Harrison

    tall girl problems... This is why I don't do dishes!!! LOL

  • Beth Lusk

    Tall Girl Problems! This statement is soooo true that it funny!

  • Miriah

    Tall Girl Problems! - this is so true

  • Amanda Piatt

    True story!! This happened to me today! #Tall Girl Problems!

  • Evy W-C

    I'm not even *that* tall and this happens to me all the time. I swear that kitchen counters and sinks were made for short people.

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Walking up to someone short and you say, "wow, you're short" :)

So true. I always think it will be relaxing, but then realize that when you're too tall for the tub it is the opposite of relaxing. Showers it is:)

No one believes me any way... Being tall does have it's advantages.

tall girl problems. Especially here in Ecuador. EVERYONE thinks I'm married with kids. Which is a concept I do not understand. If they are short, and married with kids, why should height be in any way proportional to age? Just sayin.

Scraped my knuckles really bad on the ceiling once. Now I always check for clearance before stretching.

#1 most asked question I have gotten in my life. Or simply: You must be great at sports. Nope. Mary Winkelspecht K do you concur?

Tall Girl Problems: Not a problem! My man likes me in heels even though I'm taller than him with or without them.

Lol everyone asks me this...."O wowwie you are tall, did ya play bball or volleyball as a kid?" No.....I'm 5'9 and my parents thought piano lessons were a better I'm chunky and have a decent ear for musical pitch......fucking thanks Mom & Dad! Smart

tall girl problem #15 And for the record, this is NOT a good pickup line...come to think of it, I don't think there is such a thing as a good pickup line. :)