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Shires of England 10th Century - Scandinavian York is coast to coast - Viking Jorvik - Danes, Norwegians

English Shires in the century. I wonder about the age of this map. It lloks old bu t presumably it is not 1000 years old. (The spelling is a bit too good). So, if it's not as old as it looks, is it accurate?

This is so cool!  Anglo-Saxon horse head 2 inches tall

Anglo-Saxon horse head part of the Saxon hoard found in Staffordshire - 2 inches tall Such a beautiful piece. The craftsman ship is so intricate. My favourite piece from the staffordshire hoard by far!

Bruneburg: he Battle of Brunanburh is largely unknown to all but the most die-hard buffs of Anglo-Saxon or Viking history. But it is a battle that deserves to be remembered. For it was the largest and bloodiest battle fought in Anglo-Saxon England prior to Hastings (and likely surpassing that later battle in the numbers of combatants involved). It left its victor, King Athelstan of Wessex, the first Anglo-Saxon king to be called “King of England”.


The Battle of Brunanburh. It was the largest and bloodiest battle fought in Anglo-Saxon England prior to Hastings. King Athelstan of Wessex became the first Anglo-Saxon king to be called “King of England”.

A beautiful original King Aethelred the Unready small cross type silver penny.  This coin is known as a small cross type due to the small cross on the reverse of the coin. This type of coin was issued during the reign of King Aethelred (978 - 1016) making it over 1000 years old.  The condition of the coin is rated as good very fine with only light wear to the higher areas and overall good condition.  This coin is guaranteed genuine.  Please ask any question you may have, high resolution…

Old English Antique King Aethelred (The Unready) Silver Small Cross Type Penny Coin 978 - British, Anglo Saxon

St. Edward the Confessor, King Robert DeDene My 27th great grandfather Birth 1030 in Withyham, Sussex, England Death 1050 in Normandy, Kent, England Was his butler - Teresa C. Smith

Saint Edward the Confessor, Newcastle Cathedral. “Edward, King of England, remains a model of Christian witness and an example of that true grandeur to which the Lord summons his disciples in the Scriptures we have just heard: the grandeur of a.

10 Things You Should Know About The Anglo-Saxon Warriors.

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