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    Use an X-ACTO knife to carve intricate and amazing pumpkins for Halloween this year! Here are 700+ free pumpkin carving patterns to use.

    200+ Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils. Make an awesome pumpkin for Halloween using free carving stencils and your favorite X-ACTO knife.

    Create a pumpkin masterpiece this Halloween using an X-ACTO knife (for detailed carvings) and these free pumpkin stencils.

    60+ Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates to create your Disney pumpkin masterpiece this Halloween. Remember that you can use an X-ACTO knife to carve the detailed parts of your image.

    DIY Comic Book Art Project: Create bright and bold wall art using simple craft supplies like foam board, Painters paint markers, and an X-ACTO knife.

    Use cardboard letters from the craft store, and X-ACTO knife, and spray paint to create easy and elegant DIY home decor.

    DIY State Art Home Decor. Make your own wall art using this simple project tutorial.

    Create beautiful etched glass jars and vases using this DIY project tutorial.

    Witch Canvas Silhouette Home Decor. Make DIY Halloween wall decor using canvas, an X-ACTO knife, and craft paper.

    Use an X-ACTO knife and frogtape to make DIY wall decals. Then just paint, let dry, and peel!

    Create homemade gift tags from the heart using cardstock paper, an X-ACTO knife, Elmer's glue, and other small embellishments.

    DIY Painted Tile Backsplash: Revamp your kitchen with this easy project tutorial.

    DIY Eraser Stamps. Make your own stamps by upcycling old erasers and carving designs into them using an X-ACTO knife. Then just grab some stamp ink and you're set!

    DIY Geometric Globe Planter Project Tutorial. Upcycle flea-market finds into elegant home decor.

    Amazing Paper Cut Art by Artist Brittney Lee. Harry Potter Tribute Show: Expecto Patronum.

    DIY Cork Board Map Tutorial. Create a rustic map for your home using simple materials from the craft store including cork board, spray adhesive, and an X-ACTO knife.

    DIY Ice Cream Cone Holder Tutorial: Make an easy and functional ice cream cone holder using an inexpensive foil tray and an X-ACTO knife!

    Upcycle empty cereal boxes to create trendy and functional magazine and book organizers for your home.

    DIY Personalized Lunchboxes for Back To School! Create custom lunch boxes for your kids to take to school using stencils and an X-ACTO knife. Perfect for getting kids excited for the first day of school.

    DIY Magnetic Fridge Frames using Foam Board and an X-ACTO Knife.

    Watermelon fruit carving project using an X-ACTO knife! Create stunning fruit art using simple techniques.

    Amazing "Star Wars" paper-cut art by Marc Hagan-Guirey using an X-ACTO knife, a metal ruler, and a cutting mat.

    DIY Driftwood Seahorse Home Decor. Create this beautiful, nautical sea horse wall art using scrap wood, an X-ACTO knife, and glue!

    Did you know your could use your trusty X-ACTO knife to help when painting a door? You don't even have to take the hinges off using this technique.

    Create your own DIY colorful wall art in minutes using colored duct tape, canvas, and an X-ACTO knife. (via Brit + Co) #homedecor #diyproject