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The WHOotfrom The WHOot

Memory Quilts Made Out Of Clothes And T-Shirts

This is one of my must-do projects. More t-shirts than I can count!! Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 32 Pics

Love moments like these...and then BANG! They're over and you find yourself doing a night shift without any sleep, sicker than a dog, hoping and praying that this miserable night will come to a little over dramatic there. Hehe

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121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

121 Things to Do

Oh yes, being true to oneslef, questioning everything, not jumping on bandwagons, using logic and critical free in wild, whacky, free-spirited it do it!

(Fc: Halsey) I'm Ashley. I came about 7 months ago. They think of me as their leader, yet, I have trouble acting like one. I like to change my hair a lot. It's, for me at least, a symbolism of growing and changing. Which, like my hair, I'm always doing. Introduce yourself. I don't bite, much,

Do you ever just look at one or all of the boys and get butterflies in your stomach or a flutter in your heart and just think to yourself "I'm so proud."? I honestly don't know where I would be without them. I've never been to their concerts or meet and greets, but i dont need that to prove I love all of them. ♥

Oh My Creativefrom Oh My Creative

15 Do It Yourself Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater for two

U should try it:/ hahaha worry about ur damn self n ur kids please!!! Obviously ur too worried about us if u even know my kids have allergies! Once AGAIN making urself look worse :-) let ne guess u were at the concert last night?? Ur a creepy bitch...get a life n take care of ur kids Damn!!,all u do is STALK everyone and pin about NOT flattered at all I'm creeped out jeepers creepers!!! Keep stalking b copying ur wasting ur time :-) God bless those poor babies:/

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Untitled #17

Keep rude comments to yourself. not everybody dresses how you do. I didn't create this look, but I'm sure the girl who did could give a shit less what you have to say.

all kinds of labels including style, gender, culture,gender , religion, personalities, introverts. extroverts, Ambiverts ,etc.

if tomorrow never comes... It's sad to think of, but ask yourself in mine or your last moments who do you want to spend them with? And did they know everyday you loved them, no need to waste time on earth because tomorrow is not given. Be with the one you love the most..and everyday I will be sure to let my woman know how much I love her. Some way some how! -kae