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I love traditional Slavic clothing, especially from the Rus Vikings. The color combo here is particularly striking.

Latvia. Iron Age Semigallian/Latgallian (eastern Latvia) folk costume (Sunday's best).

Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image:,,,

Costume of Chernigov voevoda boyarinya Yarina Lyubimovna. Seen in museum display before. Navershnik over rubakha, headcovering. Nice work.

Pellote of Leonore of Aragorn (1st half of 13th century), Convent Las Huelgas near Burgos (style continued through the 1300s)

mediumaevum: “Medieval dream” dress with detachable sleeves, flax-linen gorget and wool hood As most of our costumes this great garb is self-designed, but inspired with and based on original medieval samples and portraiture. This design is most close to Western Europe XIII century style.

French queens costumes 10th to 11th century THE CAROLINGIAN PERIOD. French medieval queens, nobility costumes in the period of the 10th and 11th century. French Middle Ages Fashion History.