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I love traditional Slavic clothing, especially from the Rus Vikings. The color combo here is particularly striking.

Viking costumes - I really like the contrasting yoke on the dress

13th century men's garb (Byzantine?). This is the type of level of embroidery and embellishment I want to reach on my gowns. Very inspirational.

This is a copy of an authentic archeological discovery viking earrings nordic Europe area. Finougrian VIII- IX century.

How To Make a 12th century Dress (Bliaut) (Prior Attire Historical Costuming Articles) by Izabela Pitcher,

Sarafan, the Russian folk costume that was traditional dress for peasant women up until the 20th century. Middle and upper class women were quicker to discard the traditional costume - early in the 18th century - as a consequence of Peter the Great's efforts to modernize Russia.

Reconstructed from archeological finds: Iron-age costume from Eura, western Finland (worn by the President of Finland on Independence Day 2002).