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Waist ornament from Viking dress, Humikkala, Masku. Made separately from wired spiral beads and sewn onto the dress Helsinki national museum

Spiral decoration of the Finlandian viking womans dress. Read more:

"The waist ornament of the Viking Period apron from Humikkala, Masku, is made separately and sewn onto the upper edge of the fabric. Spun woollen yarn of several plies runs through the spirals of both the waist and hem decorations." Pretty sure this photograph is by the Flying Stitchman. (

Anglo-Saxon and Viking (5th-11thC) "An Anglo-Saxon period silver finger ring made from a single strand of square-section silver wire. The wire is coiled twice to form the hoop, and the remaining length is used to produce a double-start spiral bezel. The two ends of the wire are wound round the hoop to form shoulders. Traces of gilding are possibly present."