Waist ornament from Viking dress, Humikkala, Masku. Made separately from wired spiral beads and sewn onto the dress Helsinki national museum http://torwen.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/helsinki-national-museum.html

"The waist ornament of the Viking Period apron from Humikkala, Masku, is made separately and sewn onto the upper edge of the fabric. Spun woollen yarn of several plies runs through the spirals of both the waist and hem decorations." Pretty sure this photograph is by the Flying Stitchman. (http://travellingtraining.blogspot.com.au/2010/11/night-at-national-museum-of-finland.html)

Zebra Haven - Random Medievally Pics- Finnish Viking Age exhibit at the National Gallery in Helsinki

viking dress

Petras textila resa: Vikingatida, isländska, sydda vantar. Viking age, icelandic, sewn mittens.

Viking cloth

Spiral decoration of the Finlandian viking womans dress. Read more: http://www.katajahovi.org/SatuHovi/muinaispuvunValmistaminen.html

Reconstruction of the Køstrup apron-dress at the National Museum of Denmark. Photo by Hilde Thunem

Knotted silver wire trim from Birka


Viking jewelry, currently on display at the National Museum of Scotland.



Sukkanauhat (Kram Rudych, Viking Age Historical Crafts)

Engraved folding comb carved out of bone. From the exhibition "Vikings! The Untold Story" at the National Museum of Scotland

from hantverkat.wordpress.com, a viking dress with accessories and jewelry

viking helmet

Silver key was a status symbol worn by Viking women. This particular design is a copy of the gripping beast style. 9th century from Scandinavia. Danish National Museum.