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  • Wade Alberch

    Hair Tutorial | Diy Hair | Hair Styles

  • Linn Sjåfjell

    Messy Side Ponytail 1. Start with day-old hair...meaning it's been a day since you've washed it. (If you must wash your hair, then use a volumizing spray to add oomf; and if your hair is oily, use a French dry shampoo to build body and texture.) Now make a deep side part on one side of your hair. You can use a rat-tail comb to get an extra straight part. 2. Backcomb the top quarter of your hair. Basically, brush the hair downwards toward your scalp so it's sort of frizzy and can stand on its own. 3. Gently brush the very top layer of your hair to make it smooth on the top. That way, all the backcombing will be hidden under the layer that you brushed. Still, don't brush too much, you want it a little messy. 4. Take the entire backcombed section and pin it behind your head. To make it secure, place the bobby pins in an "X." 5. Now take all your hair and put it in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Tighten the rubber band as tight as you can. This will help "push" your hair up, creating more volume at the top. 5. You can either leave the rubber band exposed, or hide it by taking a small half-inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrapping it around the rubber band. Take a small bobby pin and pin the hair to the rubber band. 6. Rough up the ponytail with your fingers to match the texture at the top of your hair. Use the same motion as you did to back comb, but use your fingers instead, since this will create a messy texture but will be softer and gentler than using a comb. Remember, this look isn't about perfection; it looks best slightly messy.

  • Viviana Torero

    Hair Tutorial: Messy Hair Pony Tail.

  • Jenn Tilley

    How to do a messy side ponytail. I am so excited for long hair this summer. Took forever to grow...NEVER cutting it again!

  • Zack Berge

    Messy Side Ponytail #hairstyle #Hair Style #girl hairstyle|

  • Laurel Block

    You do not know just how EXCITED I am that messy pony tails are in right 1. My daily messy side pony tail or braid is not a fashion faux pas anymore and there are now how-to's to give me some slight variety in my day to day hair #DIY # Ponytail #Hair Style

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