great classroom wall poster! Or for workplace!


Pinteresting: Golden Rules for Living Im seriously going to print this out for my room and future dorm or apartment or hosue.. Not kidding.


You matter :)

the smile

Very true. A Taurus is a simple kind of person that doesn't need much and doesn't like to ask for much

smell the roses

Words to Live By!


Think before you speak

Chinese Proverb

words to live by

Keep it simple.

read to a child


I agree.

Great poster for the kitchen labs at school. I would also add "when you don't like a food, simply say No thank you, I don't care for *****. " SO MANY students love to loudly proclaim their dislike by shouting, "gross" or "that's disgusting!" politely declining to eat something is much more pleasant to listen to.


Think I'd get in trouble for hanging this at work??