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1. 15. 2. 115 pounds 3. 5'7. 4. Bronze. 5. Green and blue like the sea. 6. Im in only child with my parents and my dad is the Mayor of 12. 7. Sense im the Mayors daughter everyone wants to be my friend so im in the popular clique.8. I was reaped but when i was everyone was shocked to here my name. 9. Im quite skilled with any type of knives. 10. Even though im from in outline district dont count me out. District 12

Maxi dresses are universally flattering, regardless of your shape, height or size!

Mockingjay, Peeta's locket, Bow & arrow charms. #HungerGames I want this so badly!!

From picture frames--PICTURE frames!! O_o

mermaids clemmybojangles mermaids mermaids....I want one!

The Hunger Games charm necklace. It's actually pretty cute...

Hunger Games inspired charms and so much more! Theres charms for everything..check them out!

Steampunk Hunger Games Charm Bracelet,antique brass Mockingjay and Katniss's bow and arrow

The perfect memento for an unforgettable night - a personalized lunar phase charm in sterling silver. Gemagenta makes a tiny moon charm just for you marking the phase of the moon on your special date. €25.00, via Etsy.

MOVIE SPECIAL HungerGames Necklace with Book Charm and Arrow Charm. $11.99, via Etsy.