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Purple-striped jellyfish are primarily found off the coast of California. In addition to their striped bells, these jellies have eight long, violet arms, which they use to paralyze prey! #AnimaloftheWeek

When I was little I picked one of these up because I didn't now what it was! It never stung me

Amazing creature!!! My favorite especially after being stung in Hawaii....

The purple-striped jelly has a white bowl-shaped bell with 16 purple stripes. Beautiful color floating through the water! #AnimaloftheWeek

Comb jellies are translucent but refract light, appearing to have rainbow colors running down their bodies on the track of internal moving cilia. They can also make their own light (bioluminescence), flashing when disturbed.

National Aquarium - Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish

✯ Floating Mouth :: A jelly is essentially a floating mouth and digestive system. the jelly takes food in through its mouth and is digested in a sac-like structure which is located on the underside if its bell .. By Perry Aragon✯

National Aquarium – Moon Jellyfish

comb jellies - Google Search they will eat eachother