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    • greenrose stormcloud

      A purple sea sponge that strongly resembles the famous Cookie Monster Muppet of “Sesame Street” fame. Photo is courtesy of ©Mauricio Handler/

    • Candy S

      Cookie Monster sea sponge! Spotted on the reefs of Curacao in the Caribbean.

    • Amselcom

      Diver photographs ‘Cookie Monster of the Sea’- Mauricio Handler's wife was first to spot sea sponge that looked like famous 'Sesame Street' character, and swam to him laughing through her mask.

    • Laura Paulson

      Three guesses which #SesameStreet character this #sponge resembles. Here's a hint: He WANT COOKIE! 🍪

    • Andrew Barbour

      Diver photographs ‘Cookie Monster of the Sea’ - Stove Pipe Sponge, Aplysina archeri

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