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    A new report from Oceana finds that 38 percent of Maryland crab cakes are being made with imported meat.

    At $15,000 per quart, a horseshoe crab’s blood is valuable, but its riches reach far beyond a price tag.

    We're excited to announce the launch of our spring 2015 lecture series, Ocean Extremes: Wild Underwater Worlds!

    The roar beneath the waves. // Check out our latest feature on noise pollution and the impact its having on our ocean.

    Meet our newest additions: four big-headed turtles have hatched in our Amazon River Forest exhibit!

    Meet our newest additions: four big-headed turtles have hatched in our Amazon River Forest exhibit!

    Every year, about 60 million to 1 billion monarchs migrate from eastern North America to the Sierra Madre Mountains of central Mexico. These frequent flyers sometimes rack up about 80 miles a day, spreading out their journey across two months.

    Just a little shark real talk for your Monday...

    To learn more about monarchs, click here:

    This foldable knife/fork/spoon fits in your pocket, so you can quit throwing out plastic utensils!

    If you put all Earth's water in one place, it'd look like this.

    Etsy prints for #animal lovers.


    Tune into our live Hangout on Air with the research team from NOAA's Okeanos Explorer on September 9th!

    These Sharks and Rays Just Got Protected: Photos

    Did you know? 100 years after America's first National Park was created, National Marine Sanctuaries were established!

    This is your brain on fish. (via NPR)

    Baltimore's Water Wheel Keeps On Turning, Pulling In Tons Of Trash (via NPR)

    [Infographic] How Illegal Fish Arrives on Your Dinner Plate

    Join us tomorrow at 3:30pm EST for a Google Hangout with Fabien Cousteau! Fabien is currently breaking new ground in ocean exploration by spending 31 days living and working in the world’s only underwater research lab, Aquarius!

    How sawfish hunt. Did you know? Populations of green sawfish have shrunk 80% in the last 30 years.

    Did you know? We have maps detailing every mountain and crater on the moon’s surface, but only 5 percent of our ocean has been mapped in high-resolution. #48daysofblue

    Today's Google doodle honors marine biologist and conservationist Rachel Carson!

    Exploration: Above and Below

    Join the #48DaysofBlue movement and help us help the planet: