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50 shades of grey condo

#christiangrey yacht

christian's sub

50 shades inspired Swarovski cellphone cover, by Zeelush (

ana steele - hair in a braid in the red room of pain

Ana steele - innocent/ the non-submissive

Anastasia Steele, Don't bite your lip... you know the effect it has on me.

ana's lip biting

Ana's silver silk strapless dress to the mascarade (from Neiman Marcus)

Cartier drop earrings box

Esclava salon (all white and leather)

Esclava salon (all white and leather)

Christian's silver tie (Ana's favorite)

2011 Saab 9-3 Convertible Independence Edition Silver

Elena Lincoln's (Mrs. Robinson) platinum blonde bob

Christian's boat, The Grace

silver balls

couch in front of bed


riding crop


24k gold plated handcuffs

pearl ties

la perla flogger

2002 Cristal