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I was talking to Sydney the other day... Sydney: well make sure you don't have any plans Friday! Me: don't worry I won't. My schedule is pretty flexible. Sydney: ... Except zelda. Me: except zelda.

Batman read Sailormoon!

Sailor Moon Season 1 - Things Adam likes as Minimalist Posters And I also uploaded it as a print to redbubble in case anyone is in the mood to have it on their wall, or above their toilet or whatnot.  I will probably be slapping it on an iphone case later too, and then moving on to Sailor Moon R with some chibiusa action.  The plan is to do each season, so we shall see where it takes me.

Sailor Who

Still feel melancholy about this show. Saw several episodes as a wee girl, but the 'rents made us stop just when Tuxedo Mask lost his memory. Yeah, I was in agony for more than a few days.

Usagi Tsukino ; simple and gorgeous. if you know the artist please comment name so i can give proper credit

The first rule of Sailor Moon is you do not talk about Sailor Moon

Sailor moon. I grew up with it. Hrm...between Sailor Moon, Star Trek and Xena, is it a surprise I'm a liberal socialist hippie?

I can't even tell you how many hours of my childhood I have spent watching/reading Sailor Moon.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune - they're lesbians everywhere else in the world, only in America are they cousins. ... -_-

  • Elizabeth Chestermere

    Its so dumb that they would change a story and deprive the western world of this lovely relationship. Im sooo glad I discovered the subbed Japanese versions online :)

  • Madison Grider

    when i was little i had the biggest crush on sailor uranus; i had no idea about homosexuality or anything like that, i just knew that i stared at her whenever she appeared on screen!

  • Irene Squeo

    In Italy too :/

  • citroncrazy

    sad, that in this day and age, in such civilized worlds, homosexuality is still a taboo

  • piano black

    Also in Turkey