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      Amazing footage - Treetop honey gathering. Tete climbs up a 40 metre tree in Africa's Congo basin and is stung by an angry swarm of bees before reaching the most sought-after of jungle foods - honey.

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    Why do honeybees die after they sting you? by earthskyorg: A honeybee’s stinger is made of two barbed lancets. When the bee stings, it can’t pull the stinger back out. It leaves behind not only the stinger but also part of its digestive tract, plus muscles and nerves. This massive abdominal rupture is what kills the bee. Image via UCRiverside. #Honey_Bee_Sting

    Native bees of Eastern North America image: © Clay Bolt | |

    Medicinal plants for bees

    The Secret to the Modern Beehive is a One-Centimeter Air Gap Beekeeping dates back to ancient Egypt. But in 1851, a Massachusetts minister changed the game by inventing a new hive. His secret? Something called "bee space"

    Your’re so sweet it makes me want to puke

    ‘Queen Bee’ - 22” x 28” acrylic on vintage photo & mixed media decorated frame. P. Treadwell


    *The Bee Hotel* "This is probably the finest bee hive in the world. It was built by E. S. Williams, St. Petersburg, Florida, who spent 6 months constructing it. It holds two standard 10 frame hive bodies and a bottom board. The second story lifts off for hive manipulations. It is wired for 110 volt current, has window shades and curtains. The front plastic doors swing easily and fit snugly. There is a flag pole, also a sign, that is not pictured here".

    I love these creative dodecahedron bee hives.

    German hanging bee skep

    8 Winter Activities for Beekeepers.

    The Tears of Re: Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt By Gene Kritsky Oxford University Press, 2015

    How We Make Propolis Oil and Tincture

    The benefits of eating bee glue (propolis) every day

    "Bees in a Wallflower Series 1-2" This composition has been stuck in my head for about two years. That white blob on the bumblebee's hind leg is pollen that has been glued down with nectar. Tech Specs: Canon 70D (F11, 1/60, ISO 200) + a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens + a diffused MT-24EX (flash head "A" set as the key and "B" as the fill). This is a single, uncropped, frame taken hand held.


    Africanized Bees Continue To Spread In California

    While bee populations aren’t declining, the focus has shifted from the pollinators themselves to beekeepers. Beekeepers are indeed “working nearly twice as hard as ever". But with rising costs and demand, are beekeepers going extinct?


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