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Meinrad Craighead: Crow Mother and the Dog God, book. This extensively illustrated volume collects the varied, powerful work of Meinrad Craighead, an artist whose images find their beginnings in her Catholic roots (she was a nun for fourteen years) as well as in the traditions of Southwest Native American Culture, in which she has immersed herself since moving to New Mexico twenty years ago.

New Mexico Historical Review, Volume 90, Number 2, Spring 2015 “Joby Patterson leaves no ground unplowed, no furrows un-raked, uncovering the details that transform a biographical study into a fascinating and riveting journey of an Arts and Crafts artist and her husband striving to capture the beauty they discovered for others to enjoy.”—

"An Artful Voyage, is indeed just that. Filled with beautiful high quality images, one undertakes the journey both on land and sea, right alongside the artist as he captures, with broad strokes, the essence of his subjects. Cleverly written with historical meaning as well as interesting facts about his life and works, the book is a visual delight as well as an important addition to any California Impressionist collection."—Vanessa Rothe, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Susan Seddon Boulet's subtle colors and unique fusion of forms reflect the magical and spiritual powers of shamans. Boulet initiated a style very much her own in these paintings that focus on the spiritual well being of humankind. In native cultures around the world, shamans are healers who traverse the boundaries between the everyday world and the spirit realm. Boulet's paintings delicately interweave images of woman, man, and beast with elements of myth and mysticism, evoking a…