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12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot

The Creepiest Collection Of Doll Photos Ever Assembled

Who in Christ’s name makes these things? | The Creepiest Collection Of Doll Photos Ever Assembled

Idk but culture is dead..just really freaking sick. That kid makes more per ridiculous show than many Americans make per year at their jobs. Shows like that, buck wild, toddlers in tiaras and the like are the most asinine content shown on tv. This crap makes me ashamed to be American.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics

Bad Paid-For Photos

A leather-clad grandmother pouts and clutches a pair of handcuffs, while a plus-sized princess flashes a full foot of cleavage. These are just a few of the funny, bizarre and truly terrifying bad glamour shots going viral online.

Beautiful Travel and Adventure Photography

Reid Valmestad is a talented self-taught photographer and adventurer, who has travelled across five continents capturing stunning nature and urban landscapes.