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5 Ways to a Stylish Loft Conversion - make your attic the hightlight of your home.

who cares if you don't have a bay window? make a window seat anyways!

just sparked an idea of a new dream home necessity: small hidden spaces (amount depends on size of dream home) that serve as emergency hidding spots in case of intrusion/burgleries,, equipped w a direct 911 source



Closet turned into a book nook

I SOOOOOO! way this library in my dream home!! I have ALWAYS wanted this kind of room!! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!! #home_library #bookshelves #reading_room

book loft

There's a lot of ways to make your room vibrant. Using white only makes those colors you love pop that much more. Don't be afraid to use White.

Bookshelf staircase. Awesome!

Simple book nook with dark wood element is more comfortable with yellow lamp for your reading time. Put book shelf beside the bed and tree as wall decoration. #booknook #fairytale #booknookdesign #bookshelf #rakbuku #wood #interiordesign #desaininterior #interior #ruangbaca #areabaca

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