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Great recipes for cleaner that is safe for hardwood and a suprisingly simple trick to fill in scrapes on your wood floor

9 Charts That Will Make You a Better Cook

Cut a Recipe in Half: Why bother making a family-size recipe when it's just you two this weekend? Cooking for few has never been easier.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner - AMAZING!!!!! So cheap, and makes my floor look way better than the expensive chemicals I was using before!!!

How to Make Homemade Pedialyte: 3 Recipes and Ingredients

Homemade Pedialyte ! This Can Also Be used for adults ! Great to have on hand for Children. Especially during Cold and Flu Season !

Ultimate All-Purpose Cleaner

Limpiador para pisos multiproposito - • 1 parte de agua • 1 parte de vinagre • 1 Parte Alcohol isopropílico 2%• Unas gotas de detergente líquido para platos Mezclar todos los ingredientes y vierta en una botella de spray de niebla fina 1.Sweep o aspirar sus pisos primero 2.Spray el limpiador en una niebla fina, a baja altura sobre la superficie a limpiar 3.Allow establecer durante unos minutos, a continuación, utilizar un trapo o una toalla de microfibra para limpiar