Early learning math center



Counting Activity Using a Geoboard

Use this for number kanji and put the right amount to blossoms on the tree and in the bento box

DIY Shoe-Tying Board- I think I'm going to have to make this a center in my room!!

Fine Motor Counting

Number recognition

DIY Salt tray with Alphabet Cards-I like the tray. I use old plastic containors with lids. This would be nice for a stay there center unlike my centers that move from room to room.

Magnet fine motor skill activity montessori inspired by AlenaSani

dot to number match up with clothes pins. can be modified for bigger numbers, base ten blocks, subtraction, etc

Spring Counting Kites: Counting Corresponding Numbers of Objects and other variations #math #preschool #kindergarten

Quick and easy math centers to make

4-page set of Color By Number Worksheets for Preschoolers. Ellie would love this.

Winter Math Activities

Write alphabet on cookie sheet and get magnet letters to match. Fun way to learn the alphabet


Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom.... keep learning fun! Primary Possibilities. This is a great way to teach number, time, and many other concepts. It helps the students be hand on with learning. However, the play doe could get messy.

fine motor ideas

Fine Motor Skills

LOVE this "counting on" center! Great for introducing the concept.