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    Cool infographic about how serving sizes have changed over the years & around the world

    • Tati Lam

      More than 1/3 of Americans are obese, and obesity is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide. Part of the problem is diet, but also a huge part of the problem in America is serving sizes. Here is some comparative research via infographic on serving sizes around the world, showing (not surprisingly) that waist size and portion size go hand in hand.

    • elisa n

      According to Harvard's School of Pubic Health, " portion sizes have increased dramatically over the past three decades..." There are things that we can do such as - become informed about correct portions; eat smaller meals; when eating out, eat half and take the rest home; or share a meal.

    • Weigh Better

      Infographics Archive Submit Infographics Free Infographic Tools Design Agencies & Designers Infographic Categories Win A Kindle Fire! Serving Sizes Around the World

    • Alison Ashton

      Cook infographic: Serving Sizes Around the World - Americans are fat-asses b/c we eat more of EVERYTHING!

    • Jo Chills

      Serving Sizes Around the World: One of many reasons why america has such high obesity rates (Infographic)

    • Corrin Miller

      Cool infographic about how serving sizes have changed over the years & around the world. VERY interesting info here

    • Emma Hicks

      Serving sizes around the world (today vs 20 yrs ago) #infographic #obesity #health

    • Infographicality

      Fast Food Infographic 39 -

    • Bonnie

      obesity info graphic

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