HAHAHA! That is hilarious! There are definitely days like this, but those are also the days when we have the potential to become a better parent than even we imagined. We just need to allow God to guide us in those sensitive moments.

But I would not trade being the Elgin Veterinary Hospital mom for anything in the world. I know that the highest quality of medicine is being offered at affordable prices and that I do everything in my power to make sure everyone feels like part of the family and they are happy

Funny Baby Ecard: Silence is golden, unless you have a preschooler. Then, silence is very suspicious.

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea for kids who keep their feelings inside.

Creating a strong parent-child bond is something that will carry with your child to adulthood. Here are over 100 fun and easy ways to bond…

If your child is nervous about being away from you for a long school day, you can ease her jitters by reminding her you're always thinking about her. Shannon of Fairfield County Moms Blog made a set of mother-daughter bracelets when her daughter was anxious about starting kindergarten, attaching a sweet poem she found on Pinterest. Dads and boys can wear bracelets, too, so customize a set however works for your family.

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