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<3 Reflections


drawing ))) very cute!

I love looking at old photos and wondering of those people. Where were they in their stories when that picture was taken?

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lonely city


So neat....

Baby in a birdbath

This pin tells a story. The girl looks like she was crying after an event took place where she was required to wear make up. (Ie wedding, dance, a date, ect). The emphasis is on the eye and the make up running with her tears. This gives the work unity and symbolism. #pratt

Such a cute pic. Sometimes we all just need a break with a cup of coffee.

Cozy sweaters and something warm and yummy to drink on a chill autumn day.

father + son

i loooved blowing on these and watch them float in the air like little silk parachutes....they wer so pretty.

LOVE this shot!

"Ruby" | Photographer: Magda Straszynska, Edmonton, Alberta, April 2007. Additional Information: Ruby Straszynska at 3 years 11 months.

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mothers and daughters