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The Story behind my Frugal and not So Frugal family.

My family is not frugal every minute of our lives. This story shares a little bit of how we are frugal and how we spend a little money.

Saving On Back to School Costs

Save money on back to school costs with these tips:

6 Signs You May Be Too Frugal

Love saving money? Get carried away sometimes? Well here are 6 signs you may be too frugal!

Ten Simple Frugal Living Tips That Save Us Tonnes Of Money

Are you wanting to save money? Learn how to save money TODAY with these 10 simple frugal living tips!

The Savings Habit: Why Getting Started is Better Than Doing Nothing

Developing a habit of savings is important for your finances. Learn how to make savings a habit here.

Why you should be frugal with your pets as well. They are part of your family aren't they?

Pregnant? Maybe You Can Get a Free Breast Pump Too

This would be a HUGE savings for my family, we are expecting right now and the cost of raising a baby is so high. Having a free breast pump would tick off one of the most expensive infant items, without having to get one as a gift from friends or family. I'm going to follow these steps and look at my insurance right away. What a great frugal life hack for our budget.

Sling TV is Not for Me...Yet

There are so many great alternatives to cable these days, to save money in my budget. I have considered Netflix and Hulu, but I hadn't considered Sling TV. Maybe I will now. Making my budget work is important, but I still want to see my shows. It's affordable entertainment, after all.

Money Saving Alternatives To The EpiPen

Learn how to save up to $600 on an EpiPen and other cost saving, life saving alternatives.