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How much money are you spending for Groceries?

How much money are you spending for Groceries?

The Story behind my Frugal and not So Frugal family.

My family is not frugal every minute of our lives. This story shares a little bit of how we are frugal and how we spend a little money.

Spending or Saving your Money? What are your daily habits with your money? Spender or saver? Think about the simple ways you can be saving money.

Saving Money and Caring for your heart Do you take care of your heart? How is your health? Are you going to spending money on your health in the future?

Invest in Your Blog: 5 Paid Blogging Tools That are Worth it

Besides blogging, what’s your favorite hobby? Is it running, painting, reading or something else? Whatever it is, I bet you spend a few dollars now and again to do that hobby, right? Well, today I’ll share with my favorite paid blogging tools that are worth every cent. | A guest post by Jennifer Smith of The Art of Better Blogging [.com]

Christmas is about Family not always about money

2017 Goals are Exciting to look Forward to