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14 Valentine’s Quotes That Won’t Make You Vomit

Advice on Senior Dating - And then I want him to slowly devour me :) What!? You thought it, I just said it :) -I want someone who knows I'm not perfect yet stares at me like I am the most perfect woman he has ever seen.

Do not let your relationship turn into one person only being dominant/submissive-share each role, it will turn into an unhealthy relationship otherwise. Use "I see it differently" in difficult relationships.

That's all i wanted to do for you Amanda Marie Burrows (Mandy) was to love you like you needed make you smile each and every day and take good care of you.......

Im pretty sure we don't fight like a married couple but everything seems to fit:) is it ment to be??

"I want you to be my best friend, my naughty lover and my partner in life." Enjoy this new and naughty life quote from Kinky Quotes!