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Tea Cup Bird Feeders

Something Wonderful: Tea Cup Bird Feeder If outdoor space, make a trip to the thrift store to pick out cups and saucers and build as a project

Make a teacup bird feeder for your garden

China Tea Cup Bird Feeder

DIY China Tea Cup Bird Feeder (or votive holder) - tea cup and saucer, medium grade sand paper, copper pipe, copper end cap, Loctite Marine Epoxy

Make bird feeders using oranges.  Very creative!  My students have loved observing birds at feeders!

20+ Unique Bird Feeders - Lots of beautiful Bird Feeders

DIY Orange Bird Feeder (a gift for your wild feathered friends). i like the idea of doing this for the birds in the park. a little "bird feeder bombing" may just be in order!

Mix together sugar and water using 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Here's a simple chart to make the math easier:1 cup sugar to 4 cups water3/4 cup sugar to 3 cups water1/2 cup sugar to 2 cups water2Mix the sugar and water together. Bring to a boil stirring all the while.3Allow sugar solution to cool.4Fill hummingbird feeders every couple days.5Refrigerate any extra solution for up to 1 week.6Change the hummingbirdnectar or food every two days. Do this more often if you notice mold growth…

make your own hummingbird nectar: 1 cup sugar, 4 cups water, boil to dissolve sugar, store in fridge. No food color necessary, just pour in red hummingbird feeder.

Share List If you have a bird fan in your family – this is an adorable homemade gift.  I love to watch the birds in my feeders – and my feeders have all seen better days – so this would be a very welcome gift under my tree. You can find china odds and ends… Continue reading Day 19 – Teacup Bird Feeder

Day 19 - Teacup Bird Feeder

Create this simple, unique and inexpensive to make bird feeder for yourself, or for that bird lover in your life. Tea cup and saucer bird feeder.

leaning pot feeder

Leaning Flower Pot Bird Feeder