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Debbi Krisher
Debbi Krisher • 2 years ago

Tomb effigy of Robert Curthose (1054 - 1134) in Gloucester cathedral. Eldest son of William I & Matilda of Flanders. Robert and his father did not get along leading William to want to disinherit Robert. He gave Robert the Duchy of Normandy & gave England to his second son, William Rufus. Robert launched a failed rebellion against his brother in 1088. When William II died his younger brother Henry I seized the throne, and Robert tried to invade again in 1101.In 1106 Henry won Normandy from Robert

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Tomb of Robert Curthose, William the Conqueror's eldest son.

Robert Curthose, eldest son of William the Conqueror. Gloucester Cathedral.

Gold ring belonging to William the Conqueror’s eldest son, Robert Curthose (1054-1134), having been engraved “Robert” on one side and “DVX” (a Latin word meaning “Duke”) on the other, ca 1054-1134 A.D.

King William II (reigned 1087-1100). The third son of William I of England. He had powers over Normandy and influence in Scotland. He was less successful in extending control into Wales. William is commonly known as William Rufus, perhaps because of his red-faced appearance.

Robert Todd Lincoln, first son of Abraham & Mary Lincoln

William the Conqueror - tomb of William the Conqueror, also known as King William I of England.

Prince Robert Curthose (1054 - 1134). Eldest son of King William I and Queen Matilda of Flanders. His father hated him and gave him Normandy instead of England when he died. He tried to invade England twice but failed. His brother Henry I took over Normandy in 1106. He married Sybilla of Conversano and had one son.

Henry I, King of England - The fourth son of William the Conqueror, Henry succeeded his elder brother William II as King in 1100 and defeated his eldest brother, Robert Curthose, to become Duke of Normandy in 1106. He married Princess Matilda of Scotland to unite the Normans and Saxons. Generation 27 on our family tree.

William the Conqueror William was born in around 1028, in Falaise, Normandy. William was duke of Normandy and, as William I, the first Norman king of England. He defeated and killed the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, King Harold II, at the Battle of Hastings. He was known as 'William the Bastard' to his contemporaries.

William II Rufus (1056 - 1100). Third son of King William I and Queen Matilda of Flanders. His father gave England in his will. He died in a hunting accident and never married.