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Vietnam War - A CH-21 Shawnee (“Flying Banana”) Helicopter from the 57th Helicopter Company flies over a Viet Cong area during a routine mission. Photo taken: 1st February 1963

Vietnam War - A CH-54 Sikorsky Skycrane delivers a bridge to route 9, 4-1/2 miles from Khe Sanh (I Corps). Photo taken: 25th March 1968


Vietnam, 35 years later

Vietnam War

Navy UH-1 in Vietnam: On January 1968, sighting the enemy, the door gunner aboard a Huey helicopter opens fire on a target below in the Mekong Delta. (Photo Credit: Bettmann/CORBIS)

Cobra gunship and UH-1 "Huey" helicopters in Vietnam. The AH-1 Cobra is an attack helicopter that was widely used in Vietnam . The AH-1 is also sometimes referred to as the "Huey", "Cobra" or "Snake."

A wounded member of the 1st Plt. Company "C," 25th Infantry Division, is helped to a waiting UH-1D "Iroquois" helicopter in Vietnam, May 10, 1967, during the Vietnam War. (AP Photo)

US Navy Phantom fighter bomber unleashes rockets against a Viet Cong position, 1968.

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A U.S. soldier holds the remains of a dead Viet Cong

South Vietnam, August, 1968: A 101st Airborne Division soldier in a helicopter keeps an eye out for Viet Cong in the A Shau Valley below during Operation Somerset Plain. Kim Ki Sam ©Stars and Stripes