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An awesome place to longboard. #longboard #paradise

An awesome place to longboard.

via www.radventurers.tumblr.com

via www.radventurers.tumblr.com

Boarder life ♥

Funny pictures about Best selfie yet. Oh, and cool pics about Best selfie yet. Also, Best selfie yet.

What Your Ski Track Says About You. shared by http://www.myskiholiday.com

Excuse the language, but this is so true! What Your Ski Track Says About You. I don't ski but this is funny!

I don't know whats happening in this picture, but its freaken coool.

This would be sick for snowboarding season can't wait to get back on my board


who doesnt like the nice powdery snow and the cold biting at you cheeks, as long as there areno mosquitos, im perfectly happy! *SNOW ON ME*

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Takes such a long time waiting before I can ski again.as soon as summer is over, I'm more than ready to ski!