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Love this! I think I'll probably be reading through this every afternoon when I am debating on whether to workout.

Bust those excuses. #motivation | via SparkPeople

Easy Eating - Use this #app to quickly and easily record the food you eat and basic data required to make a lasting change.

Excuses only hold you back...stop making excuses and do what is difficult because in the'll find it is well worth it.

WHAT NOT TO DO....WHY,... RISK VS BENEFIT...exercise during pregnancy, is important for you and your baby...but exercise common sense...we've worked through this process, a number of times...SAFETY IS's about knowing when, how and what...but more so WHEN NOT, as your body evolves through your pregnancy your workout has to evolve to benefit and protect you and your baby...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man I need to print this on BIG paper and hang it on my wall.

10 Excuse-Busting Exercise Truths. Look at these the next time you think about skipping your workout!

How did I not know of this before? No gym membership? You now have no excuse.

rim jumps - you hold your arm(s) above your head and jump up, reaching for an imaginary basketball hoop rim. - scissors - lunge on one side and then quickly transition into a lunge on your other leg by jumping. that is, switch legs by jumping in the air.

Don't feel like working out today? Get moving with these motivating reasons to be fit! | via @SparkPeople